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Some usefull tricks for OSX People.

About Me

Hello and welcome to my humble blog! Thanks to Octopress

I’ve been blogging since many years in my native language which is Turkish. From now on, I’ll try to post in English. I’ll try to keep posting as much as i can.

I’m a python developer. I develop Django apps. I use Mac and OSX related tools & apps.

I’m really in to Bash Scripting, Apple Scripting, Objective-C as a hobby. As Unix Tools, I use ( was using Macports )

Also, I’ve been a Scener since 1988. ( Commodore 64 and Amiga Scene ) 41 years old, married and father of a little angel! ( She is 18 months old ) Here are some specs about my knowledge

Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X
  • Ubuntu, Gentoo, Debian
  • Amiga OS < 3.9
  • Commodore OS

Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Php, Perl, Rexx
  • Bash, AppleScript
  • Html, JavaScript ( Css )
  • Ansi C
  • 68000 Assembly
  • 6502/6512 Assembly


  • Tweaking Ruby
  • Objective-C and iOS Application Development
  • PSP and GBA Development ( long time ago )


Social Networks

Last update : Jan 19, 2013